Does soy protein powder increase estrogen?

1.Food additive soybean dietary fiber organic soy protein powder

The product is soy protein powder, it is a soluble, dispersible product developed for use in food systems where a highly functional protein is required. It is the most concentrated form of all soybean products since it contains high percentage of protein. It stabilizes emulsion and improves texture. It is classified into such three different types as EMULSION TYPE, DISPERSED and INJECTION TYPE according to different functions. Emulsion soy protein isolate has strongest emulsion ability and gelling ability. Injection type has good solubility and is injected into low temperature meat.

2. soy protein powder Function

1) soy protein powder can improve the meat production rate, prevent oil, condensed water droplets,prevent the precipitation of product oil or moisture, improve the texture and structure of products.Keep products organization is exquisite moist, slice, improve nutritional value of the product. In meat products generally add 3 ~ 8% of the soy protein isolated.

2) soy protein powder added to the nutrition cereal and coffee mate, mixed soy,
peanuts,milk powder,cocoa milk powder, walnut milk powder, yogurt, fruit juice fermentation
milk powder and other various kinds of solid beverage and dairy products in order to improve
the products of protein content, strengthen nutrition. Add: there is no limit, can be adjusted
according to the needs and tastes.

3) soy protein powder used for cold food, such as all kinds of ice cream, ice cream products,reduce product cost.

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