What Soy protein powder are easy to digest and replenish?

Soy protein powder can easily cause bloating. Probably the bloating caused by eating soy protein. The advantage of this protein is that it is cost-effective, dozens of large barrels. If the source is reliable, it can ensure clean replacement, and the cost performance is still very high. But for many patients and fitness enthusiasts, bloating is not a joke. Therefore, two types of protein powder are recommended for reference. The first type is whey protein, which has a rate of protein conversion that restores energy supply, replenishes strength in the gym, and develops muscles. It can also be used to replenish physical strength, but a better use method is to drink a drink during fitness. Unless you often do physical work, I would recommend the second type, fermenting plant protein. Plant proteins have many properties. For example, some vegetarians have insufficient protein and iron obtained from vegetarian foods, and through proper selection of plant protein powder, they can be supplemented with nutrients such as protein and iron through vegetarian foods. Balanced diet quality. However, plant protein has a disadvantage. Plants contain an anti-nutritional substance that resists digestion. These things need to be removed through some treatments to be better absorbed and utilized by people. The usual natural treatment method is fermentation. So if you eat plant protein powder, it is recommended to choose fermented plant protein. And it is a fully fermented vegetable protein. Based on the above ingredients, some common single protein, whey protein, and fermented protein that are easy to buy and more cost-effective are here. Regarding protein powder, many gyms have fired up rich protein powder. Everyone is actually now the public Protein powder has been a myth. People eat protein powder for nothing but protein supplements. The starting point is good, but there are errors in the use process. Proper consumption of some protein powders can achieve a balanced body nutrition effect. It is actually a health supplement, and it is most suitable for strengthening resistance.

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