2020 “Classic Blue” Phycocyanin

1.Phycocyanin Manufacturer-Undersun

Phycocyanin (also known as spirulina protein), as a new plant protein, is gradually entering the public eye. It is extracted from spirulina in the depths of the ocean and is one of the few pigment proteins in nature. It contains 8 essential amino acids. Modern scientific research shows that phycocyanin has a powerful anti-oxidant effect, has important medical and healthcare functions in enhancing immunity, eliminating free radicals, fighting inflammation, improving anemia, promoting blood cell regeneration, and suppressing cancer cells. “Food Diamond.” The use of phycocyanin can bring convenient functional plant protein nutrition to the world in the form of plant-based beverages. With the increase of people’s health awareness and the rise of “clean labels”, phycocyanin products continue to emerge at home and abroad. It is expected that in the next decade, the world will set off a phycocyanin fever.It accounts for 24.2% of the total size of the beverage manufacturing market, and remains the major segment of the beverage manufacturing industry.

2.How Phycocyanin Empowers Plant Protein Drinks

Phycocyanin beverages, such as B-BLUE-FITNESS, are purified, bioactive beverages containing only purified water, phycocyanin, flavors, and sweeteners. Depura vita is a combination of fruits, vegetables and spirulina that work together to help balance the intestinal flora. Water + Blue Spirulina is a blend of lemon juice and blue spirulina (the ideal mixture of antioxidants and electrolytes). These drinks have a low glycemic index and low calorie content. Lets you taste fresh, completely natural energy. Experiments have shown that phycocyanin is well-suited for a variety of applications, from candy to ice cream and beverages, and even alcoholic beverages.

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