Is Fish Collagen Healthy?

1. What is the difference between collagen and fish collagen?

Collagen, also called structural protein, accounts for 30% to 40% of the body’s total protein. It is distributed in the tendons connected by human muscles, the cartilage and connective tissues connected by joints, and the dermis of the skin. It can promote the deposition of calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic substances on the bone, so it can play a role in repairing bone tissue, improving osteoporosis symptoms, and promoting physical health. Bone collagen is also an important component of human muscles and skin, which helps to maintain the toughness of bones, the coordination of human movement and the elasticity of skin. The fish collagen powder is made from fish collagen, which is made by using a variety of biological enzymes combined with targeted enzymes to cut the molecular weight and hydrolyzed by the biological enzyme targeted enzyme technology, which maintains the molecular structure and biological activity of collagen.

2.Is fish collagen good for skin?

(1) Collagen resists wrinkle and aging, repairs broken aging elastic fiber network, reorganizes the skin group, and also removes free radicals in the body, and anti-oxidation slows skin aging.
(2) After the collagen enters the dermis layer, it can quickly fill the collapsed tissue, tighten the skin, strengthen the elasticity, restore the fine lines, prevent and eliminate red blood cells.
(3) Collagen light spots and freckle, collagen powder can make the cells more tightly connected, speed up the metabolism speed, promote the exfoliation of dead skin, prevent melanin deposits, and make skin complexion pale.
(4) Collagen whitens and brightens the skin. Collagen powder can inhibit the production of melanin and prevent the deposition of melanin to achieve the purpose of whitening.

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