Vegan Potato Protein Suppliers

1.Potato protein and wheat protein

Potato protein contains 1.5% ~ 2.3% protein, potato whole powder contains 6.5% ~ 13.0% protein. Wheat flour is divided into high gluten flour, medium gluten flour, and low gluten flour according to its protein content. High gluten flour contains 12% to 15% wheat protein, medium gluten flour contains 9% to 11% wheat protein, and low gluten flour 7% ~ 9% wheat protein. Potato proteins are mainly globulins and glycoproteins. Wheat protein is divided into albumin, globulin, gliadin, and gluten according to different solubility in different solvents. Gliadin and glutenin interact to form gluten protein with viscoelasticity. Therefore, although the protein content of potato whole flour is not much different from wheat protein content, potato protein cannot form gluten protein with viscoelasticity, which is the biggest difference from wheat protein.

2.How is potato protein made

Potato protein is also a very valuable health food for the elderly and has important health and physiological functions. Potato extract is a pure protein concentrate with a variety of balanced amino acid components and high nutritional value. Potato protein is a potentially healthy food. Potato extract is rich in protein, crude fiber and carbohydrates, which can provide nutrients for humans. Potato protein contains a large amount of mucin. Mucin is a mixture of polysaccharide proteins that can prevent the deposition of fat in the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of arterial blood vessels, prevent premature atherosclerosis, and prevent connective diseases in the liver and kidneys. Tissue atrophy keeps the airways and digestive tracts lubricated.

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