Is trader undersun soy protein powder healthy?

1.How use soy protein powder

Soy protein powder: rich in nutrition, light yellow in color, with emulsifying and other functional characteristics. It is suitable for adding to puffed food and health food; it can replace some milk powder and eggs, extend shelf life, increase nutritional content, improve taste, color and reduce production cost. Used in nutrition and health food, it can be made into all kinds of high protein nutrition and health food, reduce cholesterol and improve nutritional value. Recommended dosage: 3 ~ 12%, depending on the protein content required by the product.


2.Application of soybean protein powder in flour

1. Soy protein is rich in lipoxygenase. It is a bleaching enzyme preparation allowed in most European countries. In North America, baking plants use it as an auxiliary bleaching agent for benzoyl peroxide. The enzyme has a dual role in the dough. First, it oxidizes the pigment in the flour to make it fade, making the internal tissues of the bread white. Second, it oxidizes unsaturated fatty acids to form peroxides, which can oxidize the sulfhydryl groups in protein molecules ( -SH), forming a disulfide bond (-SS-), which improves dough strength.
2. Soy protein has good water absorption, oil absorption, emulsification and other functional characteristics. After adding noodle products, it can make the dough structure more delicate and elastic, better maintain the moisture of the noodle products, improve the water absorption rate, and delay the product. Ageing. The quality of the bread can also be improved in the following aspects: ① Increased bread volume; ② Good skin color; ③ Thin and soft skin; ④ Better flavor.

3.Application and characteristics of soybean protein powder

1. Compared with ordinary lipase, the increase in whiteness of soybean protein powder is greater and the color is more natural. But too much will lose luster, similar to the effect of excessive oxidation bleach. With ordinary lipase can reduce this side effect.
2. The increase is the whiteness of the noodle products, and the whiteness of the flour cannot be increased.
3. In the production of noodles, the browning can be delayed.
4. Soy protein powder belongs to the category of food. In the US FDA regulations, adding less than 3% to flour does not need to be marked.
5. Generally, after adding soy protein powder, it is necessary to appropriately increase the amount of water added when making noodles.

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